Connecting JasperStudio With Database

This tutorial contains information on how to create datasource in JasperSoftStudio to be able to connect and create reports with oracle database

1. Open JasperSoftStudio

2. From inside Repository Explorer , right click on Data Adapters select Create Data Adapter

3. A new window will open select Database JDBC Connection from list in that window as shown below and click Next

4. Inside JDBC Driver section select oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver , Enter your credentials and database URL in other fields then click Test button to check your connection

If you receive error as in below image it means you need to specify oracle jdbc driver path in your connection

6. If you receive error as shown above , inside window from step 4 select tab Driver Classpath as shown in below image, then click Add to provide ojdbc driver path (Download OJDBC driver here) , after providing path to the downloaded .jar driver file click Test connection should be successfull now

7. Click Finish to finally create the connection which will be used in creating jasper reports

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